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Restoring Our Oyster.
Cleaning Our Bay.
Preserving Our Future.

This is the mission of the Oyster Recovery Partnership or "ORP," a 501 (c)(3) non-profit based in Annapolis, MD. ORP actively promotes, supports and restores for ecologic and economic purposes. We engage in numerous Chesapeake Bay-related projects by conducting science-based "in-the-water" and "on-the-land" recovery efforts, while conducting public outreach and education in our quest to protect our environment, our heritage, and our knowledge of the Chesapeake Bay, its marshes and rivers, and the life that it sustains.

Why Oysters?

Oysters are critical for the ecologic health of the Chesapeake Bay as well as preserving Maryland’s cultural heritage. Known as a “keystone species,” oysters not only filter our Bay’s dirty waters and provide a valuable seafood staple, but their reefs also provide habitat for other important marine life – including the famous Maryland Blue Crab and prized striped bass. The Chesapeake Bay was once world famous for its incredible supply of oysters, so numerous they were a navigational hazard. Now the population is a fraction of its historical population and each year the Bay continues to lose more than 2,600 acres of oyster habitat. In fact, oyster reefs are the most threatened marine habitat on the planet.  The Bay’s oysters used to filter all of the Chesapeake’s waters in a matter of days. Now, it takes more than a year. Without oyster reefs, our Bay’s health will continue to slowly collapse because the species that rely on oysters are suffering too.